My sister just sent me photos of the original sheet music from GWTW and the University of Texas recreation of Scarlett’s curtain dress.

She’s also seen all four of Kate’s Oscars.

WHY does she have the life I want? It means nothing to her.


(PS she says this exhibit also has a Titanic display. So who knows what else she’s seeing.)

Oh and PPS this is happening in Disney World, my favorite place on earth.

SO I’m gonna just go die bye guys it’s been real

  1. stunt-witch said: Ugh… that sucks! I hate when people have the life I want.
  2. tyronepowerbottom said: UGHHHHHH. I’m so mad at her. It would be probably one of the BIGGEST moments in life to experience those things with you, and UGH like you said- means NOTHING too her. That is so not fair.
  3. viviensleigh said: UGH I’ve been dying to go to the University of Texas they have such amazing things. They have a HUGE Gloria Swanson collection I really want to see NOT FAIR
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