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Tea for Two ft. Steve Allen, The Judy Garland Show

Marilyn Monroe, 1952. 


Gary Cooper

"I rather not talk about it…  It’s very hard for me to talk about it… I think a state like that, a state where you’re suicidal, is temporary, because the first… The first law of nature is self preservation. And to get up on the 14th floor of an apartment building… standing there for 15 to 20 minutes, contemplating, the sidewalk, and having no fear about it. I had no fear about it, I just changed my mind. I did it because I had been to the hospital so much, and had been given so many shock treatments and I felt like I was getting sick again and I had to go back. And I was so discouraged that I, didn’t want to live. But fortunately, I did go on having a happy marriage for 20 years. And fortunately for my child, I was able to recover, and be a good mother because she needed me. But I was so desperate that day, I thought, you know, maybe, I’m more of a problem to her.."

  - Gene Tierney, when asked about her suicidal thoughts.


Madeline Kahn photographed by Bonnie Schiffman for “The Rollingstone Book of Comedy, 1991