This is an ink cartridge????
I don’t even- Whatever.

Judy Garland and Gene Kelly.


Gary Cooper & Fredric March


Norma Shearer listening in on scenes currently being film in the sound mixing panel


Mary Pickford and Leslie Howard in Secrets (1933)


Natalie Wood, 1957


"Coop was the handsomest man—certainly one of the two or three best actors-ever to honor the ranks of the motion picture business. He was a very special man, darling, a very talented man."
 -Robert Taylor


Happy Birthday Barbara Stanwyck!
(July 16, 1907-January 20, 1990)

When we were shooting Golden Boy, the stages were dingy, dirty, and poorly ventilated. And the film wasn’t as fast in those days as it is now which necessitated the use of more electrical equipment, which, in turn, created heat. So anyone working from 8:45 in the morning until 7:30 at night could find it to be an exhausting experience. But when we would wrap production, and the staff and the cast and the crew would head for fresh air and home, very often Barbara would say to me "Golden Boy, get your ass into that set dressing room because we’re going to run tomorrow’s work." For an extra half to three quarters of an hour we would rehearse. She wanted me to be good. So if anyone ever needed a term for courtesy and consideration, generosity, and above all, professionalism, they would only need two words. One: Barbara. And the other: Stanwyck.

-William Holden