Gloria Stuart, 1930s.


Loretta Young in “Love is News”, 1937

So I guess you're the one I need to be talking to about my newfound Esther Williams love...I hear you have a signed photo??? What do you think of her auto (which I've only just started and DAMN what a way to start!), and what are some of your faves of her movies? PS congrats on your house and PPS your sidebar gif is still so fabulous i love it beyond reason


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adefaultsmile replied to your post: anonymous asked:i used to confuse…

"Simpatico… exotico… nourotico, your my narcotico."

Ask me how much I feel. I’ll say “alotico.”

Anonymous asked
i used to confuse your tumblr with adefaultsmile's tumblr haha

Ha! That’s either means we are really pathetic or really great. Fine line.


This was Judy Garland’s and, director of Easter Parade, Charles Walters’ idea that for once a lady that was up all night and distraught wouldn’t wake up looking like perfection with no sleep and no make up.The MGM executives saw the rushes with Judy wearing very little makeup and were appalled at the sight of an MGM star au natural. But since the scene played so well and Peter Lawford joked about her ‘looking horrible’ they decided not too reshoot it.


i could probably watch Esther Williams on What’s My Line ever day for the next two months and never get tired of it

Also I just want to be best friends with her but that’s fine


i’ve gotten a lot of new followers recently; just sayin hi 2 u all!!!! <3

Sneak peak of what I’ve been doing since 5am! Guillermo del Toro and Mia Wasikowska behind the scenes of Crimson Peak (2015), filming in Kingston, Ontario (photos taken by me on April 14, 2014).